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Kimball Kaiser


Novel Affordances

The application of the term ‘affordances’ is used in the context of an object’s actionable possibilities by any given perceiving actor. A redesign of one of the first “digital” clock’s user interface questions why aren’t the pieces of interactive design more fun?

The digital flip clock is really a piece of “pre” technology, one that mimics what users would now know as digital numbers displayed on a digital screen. However, the flip clock is in fact flipping physical numbers, and is operated by physical knobs and buttons. The redesign of the clock appreciates the ability of the older technology’s tactility, something now lost to the touch screen’s animations of displayed analog buttons being “pressed.” This rehashed design therefore tests the limits of exuberant affordances, and the methods of maximum knob-ness and switch-ness. Because why shouldn’t knobs and switches scream use me?