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Share-A-Space is a housing project located in the western neighborhood of Mexicantown, Detroit. The project focuses on reaching a medium density that is alternative to the divided, low density neighborhoods of the area. 

Programming has a strong communal focus with a ground floor of amenities for activity among residences such as a media room, an industrial kitchen, laundry room, and a small library. The ground floor is also an open, articulated landscape with fully operable partition walls that also contains public programming such as a small swimming pool and rentable community space. The units above are based around 3 main components of the home: the fat wall, the curtain partition, and what the team called the inhabitable facade. All of the units have fat walls that contain all service elements including the kitchen and bathroom to open up the larger space of the unit. Each unit then has the ability to freely divide different rooms when needed by shifting the system of curtains in each residence. Lastly, every unit has an inhabitable facade which ensures natural daylighting and a environmental control buffer between the exterior of each building and its main living spaces.

The units are organized into clusters rather than one mass to develop a micro scale community among the macro housing community. These clusters foster this smaller community by having an enlarged, shared circulation space between units. This also allows the possibility of stringing together units for intergenerational living.

teammates: Westley Burger, Diana Fang


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