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A quick image search of ‘middle school’ reveals a rather mundane and repetitious building typology - a recognizable building by its rather simple, serial geometrical logic enforced by a masonry product usually of a brown or tan variety. This project seeks to push up against the typical middle school typology by agitating the formal aspects of an alternate typological model and harnessing the spatial effects of the architecture as a source of possibility for new pedagogical methods in general education.

Beginning with a formal analysis, the typology of 'nested figures within figures' was chosen as the formal typology of this project’s investigation. A series of typological aberrations operated on the typology itself developed a new formal investigation based on the error in between solid/void, figure/ground, and formal/informal spaces. This calculated ambiguity led to a middle school with a differing institutional characteristic, allowing for graduated levels of the typical classroom, metered private spaces, and a collection of informal spaces focused on generating a continuous community space for the school. This typology proposes and shapes an alternative pedagogical model for middle school where students develop independent learning skills and foster this independence at a safely observable level. The flexible nature of the floor plan also allows plenty of opportunity for group work and cross-pollination between programs.



typological manipulation processes

typological manipulation models

typological definition studies

*Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning: 1st Place 2G1 Student Show