Direct-To-Substrate Printer
The DTS printer is a CNC machine with a hacked inkjet printhead end effector that can print on multiple substrates with different thicknesses, shapes, and forms. This machine was developed as a study in digital fabrication and machine building that has implications for further use at a larger scale. The concept for the machine came with an interest in beating the price point of available flatbed printer technologies and their lack of capabilities in the Z-axis, and therefore expands the ability for the DTS to apply printed graphics at the scale of architectural components or even produce parts for user assembly in addition to printing the instructions on how to assemble said pieces directly upon them.

This machine was built, designed, and configured with Maryam Aljomairi and was further developed upon the base machine of the TinyZ by Zain Karsan.

To view the full documentation of building the DTS, please see here.
00_DTS Printer
00_Hacked Inkjet Hello World!
00_Hacked Inkjet Portrait
00_CNC Milling
00_Tool Change
00_Direct Printing on Milled Surface
00_Direct Printing on Milled Surface
00_Adjusted Lineweight Printing
00_T Shirt Substrate Printing
00_Control Box
00_CNC Control Board
00_Potential Workflow_Milled Parts to Printed Assembly Instructions
00_Printing on Large Scale Objects